Sunday, November 19, 2006


Well, there we were sat in a meeting last Friday night joining the committee at Navy Cadets in Wakefield. Yes it is something we want to do and it was quite clear after being in there for 5 mins that they do need some new blood and new ideas.
I have designed a A5 data capture form and started with a web site design as they don't have one!!!! who has not got a web site these days I ask you?
All going to plan so far, we have another meeting next Friday to try and sort afew more issues out and join officially.

Friday, November 10, 2006

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How hard can it be?

I am here still at 1258 now on Saturday morning and it still comes into my head.......... How hard can it be to get a job! I have travelled the length of England going to interviews but have not got anywhere as yet.

Do you think that because I am an honest guy and I tell them stright off that I have Multiple Sclerosis they then dismiss me so that I don't get the job? I know of two that I have been to, second interviews and all that, I know I have been the strongest out of the two of us, but yet I do not get offered the job! "Mike you are a really nice guy and have done really well in your career so far", "infact anyone who does employ you will have a real assett in their company", " Hey its impressive how fast your career has come since leaving the Navy"


Now call me old fashioned if you wish but I suspect there is something happening here, what do you think? I always explain that the only limitations my MS has on me are that I can not walk a a long distance or do heavy manual work but look at me.... I am a NORMAL person.

What the hell you know I sometimes think it might be best to lie but I just live in the hope that a company will take me on for who I am and what I will do for them and not be so frightened about someone who is honest, diciplined and loyal, 14 years in the Royal Navy tought me those virtues in life.


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An old shipmate!

Can you believe it, I had an email today from an old mate from the navy days. He said he was bored at work and found me through google! Great news though as I still have one of his medals which I kept safe for him some 10 years ago.
Being a very quite day really. Tom went to take part in a rememberance service in his uniform and I went to the job center to register my 3 interviews for jobs next week. 1 on Monday and 2 on Tuesday so far. Life is so freeking weird, I am up and down with my emotions and the MS seems to be worse lately as my legs feel like they are going to give in on me at certain points should I have walked for about 10 mins. Doing the shopping this afternoon and if it hadnt have been for the trolly to keep me up then I would have fallen over! I seem to get so damned tired recently although I should not be surprised with all the stress and shit I have had to put up with over the last 10 weeks or so.
Anyway life goes on as they say. Have to stay positive both for a job and my health I am sure it will sort itself out soon.................I hope so anyway.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

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All too slow

It has been a couple of days since i posted anything. As is normally the case, really up for it to begin with then a drop off of interest if i haven had a ny feed back.
Well what the hell... might aswell keep up with it as much as i can. Yep still redundant, no one has offered me the job just yet. Had 2 interviews this week and have already got 3 lined up for next. Really racking up the miles but atleast i claim it back from the job center milage.
A bit down over the last couple of days, an interview that went r4eally well came back to me yesterday and said he was setting on a guy whom he could pay less than what I would have wanted!! It does get to me when you get rejections like that, you are the perfect guy but......... you are a really nice guy but..... you really impressed me but.......... for gods sake just give me the fucking jobhg otherwise I wouldnt have come to the interview in the first place!
Can you tell i am a bit peeved at the moment?

Anyway above you will se the photo of Tom on his trafalgar Day march through Wakefield. Sorry its taken so long. Tom is the tall one on the front left.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today has been a bad day. I am physically knackered but my Jill seems to be taking all this redundancy really, really hard bless her. I don't really have the energy to be supporting all of the time. My MS is lurking in the background and although it is affecting me now (tiredness, bad vision, fatigue, unsteady walking, no strenghth) I know damed well that once I have got a job and things settle down then, and only then will it jump up and kick me in the balls!
I know it is going to happen. I can not go through the stress that we are facing at the moment and expect all to be fine. It simply does not happen like that, I wish it did!
The problem I have and I have got Jill and Tom to think like this is that we enjoy having the best. Of-course that is a good thing and i wouldn't be any different but.......... for Jill she has got the constant worry we could lose it all, the house, the car etc. We aren't anywhere near that yet but it doesn't stop her from crying and getting really down. I need and indeed am strong for Jill but who supports me? The answer to that in reality is no-one! I don't have any family to turn to or indeed any really good friends. I do spend ALL of my time walking on egg shells around Jill and just trying my best to keep her happy and secure in the knowledge that we will be ok.
Take tonight for example, Jill has taken Tom to naval cadets btu at the end of a really shit day I thought I would spend £6 and but her a bunch of flowers to cheer her up..................Well we argued for an hour after giving them to her as she was so upset that I had spent £6!!!
It is true, and especially in my case, us men can not do right for doing wrong.
I havent heard from anyone who has or knows someone with multiple sclerosis as yet. Please let me help if i can. When I was diagnosed I was in the Navy with no family or girlfriend to help me through what was one of the darkest times in my life. So I know what people in those situations go through.


Mike x

Broken into!

Hi, I will put the photo of Tom on here later but to be honest I have just not had the time. Went for an interviews Yesterday (Monday) at a company called LBM in Cheshire. Yes the interview went well but what didnt was the fact that the car was broken into and my Tom Tom was nicked! My fault as I forgot to take it down before going in but that does not make me any less angry! or the wife actually as it was her birthday present. Yep just gets better doesn't it.
This isn't doing alot for my blood pressure which I was told was high during a review at the MS center which isn't doing alot for the MS either.
Taking Tom to Headingley this morning where Yorkshire play their cricket as he is on a half term course to improve his bowling.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good Morning

Another day another Dollar! As the saying goes, but today is Sunday and I am not working, even if it was Monday I still would not be working as the B_____ds made me redundant!
It is 0811 and as soon as I wake up the brain gets working so I have to get up, wife doesn't like it one bit but that is the way I am.
Toms parade today in Wakefield, looking out the window... weather is windy but fine, lets hope it keeps like that for the march through the town center. Oh and lets not forget 'The Queen Mother' is coming over. Jill is picking them up at 0930 then back here for a cup of tea then off at 1100 to drop Tom off and wait for it all to begin.
My MS this morning aint too bad at all considering all the pressure I am under being out of a job for nearly 8 weeks now. I have slight sensitive skin on the left leg and left arm but that isn't anything to get worked up about. My main problem at the moment seems to be steadiness on my feet. I walk like I am pissed sometimes which when I am approaching the car to drive somewhere really gets some funny looks I can tell you. I am surprised I haven't been pulled over by the police as yet! Oh and incontinence, how can I forget that one. On the way to an interview last week in Manchester, I had been driving for about 2 hrs with the traffic, almost there........ and I wanted to wee! Thought I could hold it...........counting back from 20 everything to stop it from happening......well I got onto this industrial estate and that was it...........bear in mind I am in my suit, tie the whole lot..........well I couldnt hold it any longer...........I screached into this lay-by where a learner driver car was parked waiting for his next appointment, I got out squatted beside the car......this is on a main road remember!..........and let it go!! what a relef! I had dribbled before this but better than walking into the interview room haing completely pissed myself!
That is what it is like with Multiple Sclerosis, totally unpredictable but atleast I have some stories to tell eh?

see ya later


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oh my life, what is going on!

Saturday morning all is well with life apart from me having MS and NO job. I try bto relax but what is the wife doing? Bloody hovering and making such a racket.
Jill just told me that her mother and farther are coming over tomorrow to watch Tom (our son) in a Navy Cadets parade in Wakefield town center. I call her mum the QUEEN MOTHER as all has to be spik and spam, does my head in! Everyone pampers to her but I act my normal self and say things how I see them. Sometimes it gets me into trouble with Jill once they have gone home, but hey I am a man and that is what we are used to, YOU WOMEN nagging at us........................ Truth be known though I couldn't manage without her now, How sad is that!
I'll put a pic on here of how it goes tomorrow with Toms parade and if I think of anything else I will drop a line or two.

Oh, just a question, you know I have Multiple Sclerosis? well you do now, I was diagnosed in 1997 whilst I was in the Navy, Does anyone out there have any questions on it? I would love to help if I possibly can as when I was diagnosed I had no-one, No mother (she hadn't spoken to me for 6 years) No girlfriend and no where to stay. It was bloody freightening let me tell you but as my philosophy goes in life "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON"


Born: 3rd December 1969

I was born in Leeds (West Yorkshire) and am the only son of Janet Brodie. I grew up in Bramley where i was educated at Raynville Primary, Sandford Secondary and Benjamin Gott High. School days, as your grandmother always tells you, were in-fact the best days!

I left school at the tender age of 16 and joined the Royal Navy. Whilst serving i saw action in the Iran/Iraq conflict, 1st Gulf War and the 2nd Gulf War. I spent 7 months in the Falklands, a year in Hong Kong and visited destinations like, Flensburg, Gibraltar (of-course), Morocco, Rhodes, Corfu, Port Said, Rio, Crete, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dahabi, Mombasa, Seychells, Ascension Island, Saudi Arabia and many more i can't even remember. Some bloody good times though let me tell you!

I met many good friends whilst serving and i would just like to mention afew who i can remember. Darbs (James Allen) many, many good times on the piss, Darjeeling Cricket Club in Dubai was excellent. I have tried to track Jim down but just no luck. Steve Bunbury (original hawkeye) who spotted the first missile on his radar during the first Gulf War. Shaffi, i can't remember his first name but he came from Hull. Platts (Mark Plater) again many, many good times and stories of what we got upto. Ohh, there are loads but i just can't remember the names.

I left in 1999 due to being diagnosed in 1997 with Multiple Sclerosis. Something that i put wholly down to the drugs, tablets and conditions we were in during the 1st Gulf War. I am still fighting the MOD for Gulf War Illness as indeed are many of my collegues and members of the Veterans Agency over in Hull. Pleas read my diary which i wrote from day to day whilst in the 1st Gulf War. It is just as it was and exactly translated from the diary that i still have.

Why not read my Gulf War diary at

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